Pre-Veterinary Club

Therapeutic Riding

    806 West Churchhill Road, West Point, MS:
    Take a left at first red light past Mossy Oak Store.
    Cross over Railroad tracks and take an immediate left (across from scrap metal place).
    Go down until you see the Jimmy Bryan Youth Complex sign.
    Take a left and follow the road back to the arena.

    After orientation, you will sign up for a time slot that fits your schedule, and you will be committed to that time every week from March 25th - May 2nd.
    Lessons will take place from Monday afternoon through Thursday.

    NOTE: The training session will NOT count towards your community service hours, but your volunteer hours thereafter will. You are also committed to attending for your time slot from March 25th - May 2nd, but community service hour credit ends on the active membership cut off date.

    You must let the club know via e-mail that you are attending the training session and signing up for a slot to volunteer, so that it can be confirmed and there will be a sign in sheet at each riding session that must be signed in order to get credit.

    Contact Cassie Brunson @
    662-325-1718 or 601-668-8678

    Volunteer Training Sessions
    January 26th, 2015
    February 3rd, 2015
    February 5th, 2015
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