Pre-Veterinary Club

How we are involved with the Community

    The PVC has a group of four students volunteer to go and help in any way needed for about two hours each.
    Steps to set up an event:
    1. Call the Humane society and make sure your time slot is available.
    2. Email the club ( so a mass email can be sent to the club.
    3. Members will email you to sign up.
    4. An event form must be filled out prior to trip. Event Coordinator Form
    5. A confirmation email will be sent to members with final transportation plans etc.
    6. Turn in the form at the next meeting.

    Oktibbeha County Humane Society

    For more info, visit the Oktibbeha Humane Society website.

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    Columbus Lowndes Humane Society

    For more info, visit the Columbus Humane Societywebsite.

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    West Point-Clay County Animal Shelter

    For more info, visit the West Point-Clay County Animal Shelterwebsite.

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    Pup n' Suds

    Dog washes are held at the Moncrief Dog Park or the Oktibbeha County Co-Op.
    Proceeds go to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society.

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